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Paper Quilt Creations began in 2004 and evolved from my work using paper in mixed media and collage pictures. I have collected paper in all its forms for as long as I can remember, so that I had no trouble finding material to begin experimenting with sewing on paper. To say that I love paper is an understatement. I adore it in all its forms - its tecture, even its smell.

After working for several years on developing and making Paper Quilts, I took the step of taking a stall at a local market in Canberra, Australia. Customers and visitors started asking if there was a book or instructions for what I was doing. I was very surprised to discover that no one else seemed to be using the techniques I had developed. I began teaching and from that I developed the special template system for creating Paper Quilts. This made it possible for anyone to easily and quickly create the quilts I was creating and selling.

I took a booth at The Craft And Hobby Association Show in the USA in 2010 and Paper Quilt Creations was nominated in the top 20 Innovations in the world. We returned the following year and met the MCall pattern Company. I am extremely proud that I am now represented by McCall's who print, market and distribute my Paper Quilt patterns worldwide.  
My aim is to create truly timeless Paper Quilt pattern designs. My designs are so easily adapted to all todays, and tomorrows’ trends. Use papers or fabrics from your favourite design houses along with all the beautiful embellishments and creation tools to create your very own unique piece of craft art. Bring out your collections of papers and embellishments saved from previous craft projects and use them in a totally new way.
Paper Quilting is:
  • Fun
  • Really inexpensive
  • Time friendly
  • Suitable for any age group
  • Ecological 
  • and, a great way to learn to sew
Each Paper Quilt Creations pattern design gets fabulous results whether you want soft and pretty, dark and edgy, elegant and sophisticated or a warm country feel. There are patterns for creating greeting cards, pictures for framing and scrapbook pages.

So why not combine a love of paper with all the joys of sewing to create a Paper Quilt today.

I am always happy to answer your questions.                                          Please contact me through michaela@paperquiltcreations.com

Happy Paper Quilting,

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