Friday, July 11, 2014

Something fun to try

1 inch squares
I thought I would share with you something just a little bit different. I'm not sure what to call this design. Brickwall? (doesn't sound too inspiring). Steps? Carpet?
I'd love some suggestions.
Do you have a stash of 3/4 and 1 inch squares left over from other Paper Quilting projects. Here's a fun way of using them to create cards suitable for any occasion.Randomly delve into your colour boxes of squares and you are sure to create a very special card for a friend or family.

These instructions are for creating a standard size rectangle or square greeting card. For other sizes - adjust accordingly.

The Rectangle Card  4 x 6 inches or 5.5 x 10.5 cm
Use one half of a blank 3/4 inch blank template grid * Mark on an area 6 squares across and 7 down. 42 squares.

The Square Card  5.5 inches or 14cm square
Use one half of a blank 1 inch blank template grid. * Mark on area 6 square across and 5 down. 30 squares.

Both Cards    Apply glue stick to your template and attach your squares. * Use the zigzag stitch on your sewing machine to sew ONLY the vertical lines. * Use straight scissors to cut strips of squares along the horizontal lines where you didn't sew. * Use the remaining section of your blank working template to arrange the strips so that they appear to be like steps - or a brick wall. * Use glue stick to attach the strips. * Use a ruler and pencil to draw on 2 vertical lines where you will eventually cut out the design. Rectangle = 3.75 inches across. Square = 5 inches across. *  Use the zigzag stitch to sew the strips in place. You will be sewing through 3 layers of paper here. * Use scissors to cut out the rectangle or square. * Attach to a slightly larger piece of layering paper which will fit onto the card. * Use a zigzag stitch to sew around the shape. * Attach the panel to a blank greeting card used double sided tape. * Embellish as desired.

If you try this design, please send me a jpeg photo of your creation so I can share it with other Paper Quilters.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Workshop Day - A Coat of Many Styles

So much incredible creative energy was buzzing around the room at the “Coat of Many Styles” workshop yesterday. Four lovely ladies were up for the Sunday challenge and Sunday sleepiness was left behind.

As usual, I managed to cover almost every usable surface with paper quilts, papers of every colour and by every designer, sewing machines and embellishments before we even started – but we still had room to create - thank goodness!!

We started the morning with a run through of idea possibilities. Would our coats be inspired by China, Korea, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, the 1930's, wedding coats from the 1960's or high fashion such as Dolce and Gabana. Choices!!

Then it was straight into choosing what techniques to use. Applique, Strip, Just Squares, Crazy or Scrap.

Now paper choices. Paper choice is always the most time consuming part of any project. The paper stacks remove some of the colour co-ordination concerns, but most people (being creative souls), want to add other paper collections or colours into the mix. Some of the colour choices become crystal clear as the project progresses and colours, which you may not have remotely considered, all of a sudden become your best friend. It’s all part of the fun and these choices make everyone’s work truly unique and a reflection of their individual personalities.

These creations are true craft art. By lunch time we were well underway to finishing the first coat and were thinking about embellishments and layering papers. I think you will agree that the work is truly inspirational.

Kay used a combination of papers from DCWV, Graphic 45, Stamping up and a Chiyogami from Japan. Metal feather charm (unknown source). Just Squares technique.

Cheryl used Basic Grey, DCWV and vintage wrapping paper. Charms from Scrapmatts. Crazy technique.

Karen C used DCWV and Stamping Up. Swarovski crystals. Strips and Applique technique.

Karen M used a beautiful hand made silk paper, Vintage gift wrap, Italian marbled paper, Alison Ellis, Chiyogami, Rossi from Italy, Anna Griffin and Christina Re. Strips and Applique technique.

After lunch it was time to start thinking about new ideas for the second coat which everyone started – and almost finished. I’m really looking forward to seeing pictures of the completed second coats which I will share with you.
To help our creative spirits, The Irish Club put on a delicious morning tea and lunch. Thanks Anne, who owns A White Dragon Papercraft store for organizing and co-ordinating the day. And thank you to Ron for helping me unload and re-load all my gear from the car. Where would we be without you both? Lost for sure.

If you would like me to run a "Coat of Many Styles" workshop at your craft group or store - please contact me.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Coat of Many Styles

"Drama at the Opera" Coat created using DCWV, Stamping Up and Anna Griffin.
"The Florist's Coat" This version in Tilda "Corner Shop" paper stack collection.
"Peacock Garden Coat" This version created using Graphic 45 Couture.


This coming Sunday  2nd March, I am running a workshop in conjunction with A White Dragon Papercraft called “A Coat of Many Styles” at the Irish Club of Canberra. Coats and jackets are a fantastic way to show case paper quilting techniques and they are just so versatile.

In this workshop we will look at taking one simple shape – the coat. We will then be using our favourite Paper Quilting techniques (such as Just Squares, Strips, Crazy, Scrap or Applique), to turn this simple shape into something simply extraordinary.

The coat will become an oriental tunic or a beautiful coat inspired by fantasy or high fashion. Mix and match the design parts such as boarder hem lines, cuffs and decorative shapes within the coat. This Paper Quilt can be as simple or as complex as you like, so it is possible to create more than one during the workshop.  The pattern is one which can be adapted and used again and again to create pictures your friends and family will love.

The finished Paper Quilt will fit into a scrap book page frame 30 x 30cm square  or 20 x 25cm rectangle frame.
I look forward to seeing all the fabulous and unique coat creations made on the day and look forward to bringing you all the pictures from the day next week.
Please email if you would like to attend.
Bye for now