Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday, 24th January 2013 

One of my top 10 tips is ALWAYS – and I mean always, be on the lookout for inspiration where ever you go.  I was in the newsagent yesterday, leafing through the latest delivery of magazines (am I addicted to magazines? – yes I think so). ' Bliss Victoria'  is just one which is sure to inspire. I came across this beautiful Victorian inspired heart ornament. I wondered if I could adapt my pattern “Sparkle Heart” (pattern # GC108a) to look like this lovely piece.

 To create the Paper Quilt, I used a decoupage wrapping paper along with an Anna Griffin cream design paper and shell pink card stock. It is sewn with a variegated polyester thread. Around the heart I added a row of clear rhinestones and then a smaller row of champagne colour rhinestones. Pearls would also look very pretty. To the centre I attached a monogram pendant. Result – “Sparkle Heart” with a difference – very very  sparkly but with a vintage twist.
I think this would make a really special Valentine’s Day card or picture to frame for someone you love. Or find a Mum/Mom pendant and create this for Mother’s Day. A double monogram would make a beautiful wedding card or picture.
Happy Paper Quilting