Wednesday, February 11, 2015

10 years old

10 years old.
Well it has just dawned on me this afternoon that I began my experiments with Paper Quilting 10 years ago. Almost exactly in fact. And what an incredible 10 years it has been.

When I think of those 10 years it is with gratitude and not a small amount of amazement.
There have been countless experiments.  Thousands of paper designs used from all over the world. Meters and meters of double sided tape and tubes and tubes of glue stick. Quite a few thousand crystals applied.   Many patterns designed and created.  Many classes, workshops and demo’s held.  Many 1000’s of kilometres on the road and in the air. But most importantly many people to thank for making this an incredible ten years. I couldn't have done it without the encouragement and support of a great many people.

I’ve been a bit quiet on the Paper Quilting front over the last (well quite a few actually) months. But on Friday last week I all of a sudden realised that I couldn’t just let it all fade away. Maybe the break was all that I needed. So I’m off and jogging (slowly at first) again. Let's see what this year will bring.
Watch this space.

Empress Jacket
A pattern for this design will be available soon.
Created using Rossi papers, solid colour card stock, Swarovski Crystals, metal charm
and 3/4 inch square die cut tool.

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