Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Getting closer to releasing a new pattern

Today I've been working on the finishing touches to my next Paper Quilt Creations greeting card pattern - the Empress Jacket GC208. Please let me know if you would like to create it as an A4 picture size instead. I will be happy to create it in the larger size for you. I’m now up in the studio creating the pattern in many different papers and following the pattern process just to make sure that it is all set to go.

I had forgotten just how long it takes me to write out the instructions clearly - AND, how very difficult it is to pick up my own spelling mistakes or missed words. I had also forgotten just how dreadful I am at it. Why is that? I certainly didn't get the proof reading gen. Thank goodness for spell check. But even that doesn’t get me out of a few nasty mistakes.

I have also been designing the pattern and instructions in a new format so that I can send the pattern to you as a PDF file. (“About jolly well time too” you may say - after I mentioned I was going to do it quite some time ago now). I hope that it will make it so much easier for everyone and cut down on the ever increasing postage costs.

I am going to try very hard to give you the option to create every design in either 1 inch or ¾ inch squares. The new die cut plates are working incredibly well and make creating a Paper Quilt easier than ever before. Because they are flat and light weight they are inexpensive to post as well. Please email me if you would like a quote for postage to anywhere. But, if you do not have the die cut plates, it is very easy to cut out 1 inch squares with a craft knife and ruler, slide ruler or guillotine.

This new design isn’t too far away from taking a place on a shelf in the online shop. I’ll keep you posted.

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