Thursday, April 11, 2013

Experimenting with Washi craft tape.

Washi tape is created in so many beautiful colours and designs and seems to be one of “the” craft products at the moment. I have been wondering how I can use it in Paper Quilting. I was a bit concerned about the self- adhesive backing on the Washi tape because double-sided craft tape plays absolute havoc with the needle on your sewing machine. Well, I’ve now used Washi tape on a couple of quilt pattern designs – and so far so good. The adhesive on the back of the Washi tape is not as sticky and doesn’t seem to be attaching itself to the sewing machine needle. I’ll keep experimenting – but in the meantime – why not have a go at adapting your Paper Quilt Patterns with strips of Washi tape. Use the pattern piece to trace around onto a plain piece of 180-200gsm paper first as any line or words will show through the Washi tape as it is very transparent. Sew the tape together as you would with other projects. There is no need to retrace the image design onto the Washi tape as the first tracing line will show through. With all the beautiful designs out there – you will be sure to get a great result. And it’s really quick too.

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